Frequently Asked Questions


If I want an item altered, such as a pair of pants hemmed, what should I do?

 Call at (818) 445-5602 or email me at  We can arrange to meet at your place, my place, or somewhere in-between. Due to the high cost of gasoline, I may have to charge a $10 pickup/delivery fee if I come to your house but it includes both pickup AND delivery.  If you live too far away. simply take a safety pin and pin where you want the pants hemmed or the item altered.  You can then mail the item to me and I will ship it back.  The Post Office has many options for shipping.  Soft items can be sent very reasonably via first class US mail in a 9 x 12 envelope.  Go to for further information.  You can always use another delivery service such as UPS or Federal Express.  Even with shipping, you will probably save money since my rates are very reasonable. 


What if I want a variation of an item on Etsy (for example, a different color)?

 Send me an email at or call me at (818) 445-5602.  I am very flexible.



How do I order a custom item such as a blouse?

 Send me an email at or call me at (818) 445-5602.  We can choose a pattern and fabric online at various stores.  Or, you can ship me the fabric and/or pattern.  No worries. 


I want to have my logo embroidered on a shirt. How do I do that?

 Call me at (818) 445-5602.  I will need the artwork (png, jpg, etc.) and the size you'd like.  Then I digitize it (turns it into stitches--will run $25-$55 but is a one-time cost).  Then, I will give you an estimate as to how much it will cost to stitch out. Most stitchouts run $8-$15.  Volume discounts are available.


I just want a 3-letter monogram put on a towel.

 Call me at (818) 445-5602.  All I need are the letters, what font you'd like, the color of thread, and how large you want the finished monogram to be.  I send you a mock up prior to stitching.  Most monograms run $5 to $10.